Friday, March 13, 2009

Webisode 1

After realizing I have a webcam on the laptop I bought last Black Friday, I decided what a better way to blog than to just say it! 10 takes later, I came up with this itty bitty webisode.

You can view it on YouTube here:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Detour: Shirt.woot Ad

So, while my intentions were to keep this blog on the straight and narrow about my crafty and business ventures in general, I have decided that just won't do for me. Gotta throw some random observations in here and there, and thus "Detour:" has been created. Whenever there is a post not directly related to either of the above topics, I'll use this as a heading. And now, sit back, and please enjoy your very first Knit Sew Soap Repeat detour.

I happened to be checking out the shirt of the day on, because I have a weakness for cute and artsy designs that are printed on T shirts. I've bought one so far and have worn it several times, including to the lone craft fair I have done so far (Holiday Craftacular in Madison, WI which is organized by Naomi of The Glitter Workshop). While looking at said T shirt, I happened upon the ad above.

Now, take a look at these pictures. According to them, I am in the June Cleaver age range. Yes, that 25-29 age is full of Leave it To Beaverness. And 30-34? You're Kathy Bates. But hey, at least you have some funky glasses. 35-44? You're kind of spacey and a little greasy. Yeah, I said it. Greasy. According to this depiction, women are only really attractive in their early 20s, despite the angularity of their skulls and matching flatness of their hair. However, guys seem to look good at any age. Come on, people, really?